Monday, July 30, 2007

Starlight Cinema

Starlight Cinema ended it's 5th time last Saturday (28/7). Held in KBU this time (thank God we're not smelling those horse feaces anymore when it held it for 4 years in Bukit Kiara.

I missed the 3rd, the 4th & this time (2005, 2006, 2007) because, i don't think i wanna watch the outdated movies while being bitten by mosquitoes, again. Moreover, this year, it's been raining almost every night. However, I'm sure there will be a 6th installation next year, for those who missed it, or have no idea what is it about, let me tell you. It's a outdoor cinema concept held on a big field, where by you'll get to lie on the grass and catch a movie and watch some stars in the sky. Great for picnic with your buddies, or your girlfriends/boyfriends. (Hint: bring pillows)

Plenty of food stalls available so you may decide on your picnic menu on the spot.

For more information please log on to There shall be some compliementary passes for those who actually join the contest when the date's near.

The Screen
The Projector

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