Monday, July 30, 2007

Blind Zodiac

Blind Dating will NOT reach Malaysia shores, opening May 11 in the US, I was waiting for this comedy & of course he looked handsome to be drooled on the big screen.This caught me because of the funny 'double meaning' title.

Blind dating is about this young handsome popular guy in the school which happens to be blind. His brother, determined to help him to find his first sexual experience setup blind dates for him.
Blind Dating stars Chris Pine (the chap in Just My Luck) and Jane Seymour (Wedding Crashers)

Another movie which goes to our dissapointment is Zodiac, a David Fincher movie (famed by Fight Club) something i'd really looking forward to since the beginning of 2007. It's about this serial killer named Zodiac. And it's base on the real case, in the 70's setting.

Zodiac is about his serial killer, who gives hints & codes and a series of trail. Well, he made the city in the panic mode. Clever isn't it?

This movie opened long long time ago in the US. Tentatively it's suppose to be reaching our shores somewhere in August. It's confirm that it will not. Even the DVD was released in the US in July.

You'll know where to get these copies.

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